Granny Blossom's is a small Vermont family company. We believe in the old fashioned concept of neighbors working together, sharing their interest in great food, and combining their talents and skill from decades of preparing food in home kitchens, to make food that can't be duplicated in a factory.

Vermont is a comfortable place to live and operate a small business.  We started way back in 1983 to sell the dips and salsas that we used in our restaurant.   Bob, a professional chef, still directs all the operations in the kitchen, uses the best ingredients, and attends classes to keep current with the latest knowledge and safety guidelines provided by our food processing support group and the University of Vermont.  You may see Bob in a store on weekends, as he stands at a table filled with samples for you to taste or giving a cooking presentation on TV.  Bob's wife Doris designs and prints the labels applied to our jars.

We are dedicated to making the highest quality, best tasting food to ever catch your eye and capture your tastebuds.We also can custom design "House Brand" labels to meet your specific needs.

The Granny Blossom team hopes you enjoy our gourmet products.

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Bob & Doris Kopp

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